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After years of practice and tons of experience I learned the techniques, that helps me in my work with brands and companies.

But working with companies does not prevent me from giving good photos to private clients since this work inspires me to keep experimenting & coming up with new possibilities.

Here are some of the most inspiring reviews from my clients. If you wish to join this group of satisfied people or have something to say you can feel free to fill contact form below. Your opinion is very important to me, because I always try to evolve and improve in the professional field and work on mistakes.

Nihaal Arora
Architect Nihaal Arora Architect
Most professional man I've ever seen. His photos are impeccably framed & well-edited. Working with him is as easy as it gets!
Radhika Jain
Architect Radhika Jain Architect
I came across Kunal's work couple of years ago on social media & got one pilot project photographed from him. The final photos came out really well & from then on we have worked on more than 20 projects so far.
Tara Jaisingh
Lawyer Tara Jaisingh Lawyer
Kunal was my wedding photographer. He helped us save our brightest moment of life in fantastic photos! Thank you, Kunal! You are the best!
Kshitij Khanna
Photographer Kshitij Khanna Photographer
I know Kunal from several years & came in contact with him via social media. Recently, I got multiple projects on the same date & that's when I asked Kunal for his help. Being a photographer myself, I am quite finicky in trusting someone with my projects but he aced it with his skills & experience. Kudos to you, buddy!
Eshan Malhotra
Businessman Eshan Malhotra Businessman
I hired Kunal's services for covering my wedding. My wife & I were so amazed by the photos & all the relatives kept asking about the photographer. Eventually, he covered two more weddings in my extended family & we are so proud of his work.
Avinash Gupta
Interior Designer Avinash Gupta Interior Designer
I was in the process of setting up my company's website when I approached Kunal for photographing couple of our projects, to put their photos online. We were already short on time & yet he was able to execute back-to-back shoots with minimum input from us. Safe to say, we are thoroughly satisfied with his work & efficiency.
Ananya Basu
Influencer Ananya Basu Influencer
I was on the lookout for a photographer who can work with me on regular basis since I keep getting brand promotions which require great photos. After going around in circles with numerous other professionals, a friend referred me to Kunal & he knew exactly what I needed! His work is superb & it has helped me getting more traction on my social media profile than ever before.
Mehul Verma
Interior Designer Mehul Verma Interior Designer
Kunal photographed one of my projects, few months ago & the client instantly loved his work. The knowledge with which he executes the shoot is so rich & intuitive that it helps in alleviating the final result. Keep up the good work!
Devika Arya
Influencer Devika Arya Influencer
Kunal's work is just amazing. I got to know him in a social event that both of us were attending & instantly hit off on the right note. I absolutely love working with him because its so much easy & fun with a person such as him who has inside-out knowledge of what he does.

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