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I offer my clients a wide range of services in various verticals. Here is a list of specializations that I provide, feel free to browse the galleries as well to get a better idea of the quality of our work.

Straight Lines & Curves Architectural Photography Straight Lines & Curves
Having worked with Stonex India, Hotel Hilton (Saket, Delhi), Hotel Piccadily (Chandigarh), Looks Salon, Geeta Arya & Associates (Noida), Praxis (Gurugram),UB Designs (Shahpur Jat), Stonelam India & numerous other architects & interior design companies, we are fully equipped to excel at providing the very best architectural photography services to our clients.
Emotions Captured in Time Wedding Photography Emotions Captured in Time
Marriage is one of the most important and emotional events in our life. Therefore, choosing a photographer for this purpose should be approached very responsibly. Whether it is the main functions or the pre/post wedding shoots, my team approaches each project with utmost zeal & give in their best to capturing the best day of your life so that you may cherish the memories for years to come.
Celebrating the Creation of Life Pregnancy Shoots Celebrating the Creation of Life
The beauty of life is that it creates itself & with its manifestation are attached the greatest possibilities of the future. We help you preserve this joy & thru our photos help you announce this wonderful news of soon-to-become parents with the world.
When Selfies Just Aren't Enough Private Portrait Sessions When Selfies Just Aren't Enough
Are you an influencer, a social media prodigy, looking to get your portfolio done? Or are you simply one of the mango people who would just like to have their photos taken professionaly? Well, we also provide private portrait sessions as per individual needs.
Mouth-Watering Dishes & Drooling Drinks Food Photography Mouth-Watering Dishes & Drooling Drinks
Over the years, I have had the good fortune of working with various hospitality brands & PR agencies working in the food & beverage industry. My experience thus helps me in delivering just what they need with utmost perfection.
Beautiful corners of the earth Travel & Documentary Photography Beautiful corners of the earth
My thirst for travel is no less than my love for photography. And it’s wonderful when one passion can complement another. Add to this my innate interest in hostory & you get a complete package. I am always on the lookout for private/CSR funded projects in the field of travel + heritage.

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